Now, operating your mail is a significantly facilitated task. It was made possible through the use of virtual mailboxes. An actual address with the ability to view all correspondence online in your account is not the only thing they provide. There is a wide range of additional services (scanning, integration with the office, forwarding, and much more).

Most virtual mail services have apps for mobile devices. It provides convenient access to your personal account anywhere with an Internet connection. Here’s the list of the most popular services, as well as their features and pricing policy.

Anytime Mailbox

One of the recognized leaders in this field. You can get addresses in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and dozens of other countries. The following advantages can be distinguished:

The rental price starts from $4.98. It is one of the most profitable offers in this area.

Earth Class Mail

A virtual mailbox service with advanced functionality. The main advantage is a simplified integration system with a large number of specialized software. You can upload documents to cloud storage in one click and much more.

The cost of services depends on the tariff plan and ranges from $19 to $79 per month.

PostScan Mail

The service provides addresses of all US states, as well as of several other countries. It has a convenient system for receiving and redirecting any type of mail. Among the features:

The cost varies in the range of $15-30 per month.


The service offers the simplest possible app that works on devices with the Android or iOS operating system.

Great for physical entities and small businesses.


It is best suited for clients who require intermediary services when interacting with government agencies and various organizations. Since it has all the needed functions, the task of document management is simplified. There is a unique service – a free registered agent for companies.

Other advantages include:

The subscription fee is $15-89.


Users highly appreciate this optimized mobile app. It is possible to receive mail from DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, and other services.

The service is highly popular among small businesses. The cost of renting a virtual mailbox ranges from $9.99 to $40. The price is determined by the tariff plan and the chosen functionality.

Traveling Mailbox

The service is very popular and is considered a universal option. It will not be hard to choose a tariff plan based on individual requests from the client. Real physical addresses are provided.

Real addresses can be selected among several cities. The cost of tariffs starts from $15 per month. The subscription fee for the most expensive plan is $159.

Northwest Registered Agent

Another service provider that offers to rent a virtual mailbox. There are tariffs for all categories of customers, but the emphasis is on business representatives. Among the additional services, there is a selection of an “attractive” address and a virtual telephone line.

The service makes customers special offers for rent for a year, which cost from 125 to 200 dollars for the specified period. The cost is cheaper than many competitors offer.

US Global Mail

It’s one of the largest services with favorable terms of service. The app provides access to a personal account and a full set of management functions. It’s considered the best solution in the American market for corporate clients of medium and large businesses. Physical entities also choose this service.

It is necessary to note the extensive range of services – from scanning to forwarding. The cost of tariff plans starts from $10 per month.