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Connecting your products to the Internet.

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Are you capitalizing on the Internet of Things?

Whether you are looking for new revenue streams, market share or a competitive advantage, MobileIgniter's approach matches market gaps and your resources to best leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance your business.

By connecting physical products to the cloud for preventative maintenance, data collection or recurring revenue streams, MobileIgniter works with you to identify IoT opportunities in your market that align with your business objectives.

Our Educate, Ideate, Prototype (EIP) approach is designed to move you through the process of uncovering the most successful IoT opportunity your market and business has at hand.

IoT Innovation Starts Here...


  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • How does it pertain to your industry; your organization?
  • How can IoT drive business value and revenue growth?

We cut through the noise and get the information you need to get started.


  • What are your customers demanding?
  • What is the revenue potential for your existing product line?
  • How can your organization gain more market share?

With Ideation we help you:
  • Create business value from market opportunities and the Internet of Things.
  • Focus on the business model before the technical solution.
  • Identify opportunities, formulate ideas, and build a strategy to bring them to life.


  • How can I get a minimum viable product (MVP) into the hands of key stakeholders?
  • What if my company doesn’t have the software or hardware resources?
  • How can I get to MVP without breaking the bank?

From concept to physical product, MobileIgniter develops your solution with speed and agility.

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